About Us

"Bunts are the warriors of yesterday, abettors of today and successors of tomorrow!!”

ImageWelcome to the Bunts Sangha Community, a community for their people, of their people and by their people! A not for profit organization, Bunts Sangha’s main motto is to help their people and flourish their community.

Established in 1927, Bunts Sangha Mumbai is devoted towards uniting and encouraging their own people. Bunts Sangha is adding happiness in the life of 3.5 lakhs people though their services.

Bunts Sangha caters to almost all the fields of welfare where the community members need their support. The areas of the services include education, widow welfare, marriage plans, monetary help to indigent Bunts, etc. Moreover, Bunts Sangha has been successful in making a difference in the life of many people.

With the variety of devoted services they look forward to give vision to many eyes. Bunts Sangha is the supply of development for Bunts. They believe in enhancing the happiness in the life of Bunts. Also many cultural events are designed to bring together many Bunts of different regions and also to connect the youth with the community activities.

Our highly qualified and ingenious committee members are striving hard to uplift the members of our community. Their main aim is to bring 100% literacy rate among Bunts.

The mission of Bunts Sangha is to impact the life of Bunts and enable them to enjoy a bright future!