“Bunts are very large hearted, kind and generous donors from good old days and this tradition continues now also”.

Charity begins at home! And hence, Bunts Sangha believes in the development of their community people.

Bunts Sangha committee work hard to help their own people. Yearly crores of money gets donated for education, social welfare, marriage plans, welfare of widows, growth of backward bunts, etc.

 As a responsible Bunt it is our duty to safeguard the future of our children, women and youth. Your helping hand will cherish the life and dreams of your own people. Your handful giving will embrace our services for our people. It will help our community to grow and prosper.

Let’s give a hope to someone’s dark future and make them the beneficiaries of Bunts Sangha’s services. Our services have given light to the life of many Bunts and we look forward to flourish the life of many more needy Bunts.

Let us unite our hands and provide monetary help to our people to live a better life. We thank our current donors whose help have made a difference in the life of many Bunts. Even you can be a well wisher for your own Bunts.

You are invited to support us in our services!

If you are interested in requesting for a donation then please follow the below instructions: