Bantarvani is a monthly magazine devoted towards the activities of Bunts. Bantarvani is for everyone who wants to know about Bunts, their regular activities, upcoming events, services, interviews, etc.

50 years old Bantarvani is still fresh with latest updates on the activities, issues, news and services of the community. Currently there are 7,000 subscribers of the magazine. With more than 21,000 readerships the magazine is a hit among the Bunts all over the country. Since its launch it has played an essential role in educating people about Bunts.

It is packed with all the issues that are a matter of importance to our community. From the education of our children to the health care of our elders, from the welfare of the widows to the marriages, Bantarvani caters to all the issues related to our community. All subjects covered in magazine are applauded by our readers.

It also carries all the latest updates on the Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty Educational Institutions. Magazine also talks about the welfare services that can be availed by the people such as, free/ low cost admissions in schools or colleges, any welfare scheme for widows, monetary support for marriages, etc.

Informing our members about current issues and bringing to their forefront the matters that are related to our lives is the sole mission of Bantarvani. It has served as a useful messenger between the committee and the members of community.

The team of editors and writers are highly dedicated and passionate about Bantarvani. The team also consists of skilled photographers and writers.

You can also subscribe this magazine. There are temporary as well as lifetime membership schemes available.

Bantarvani is a commitment of the committee to inform, educate and improve the living of Bunts. The committee looks forward to serve this service for many more years to its community and readers!!